outside view of apartment
outside view of apartment

Afull-service rental tower in Brooklyn’s cultural + social center

Studio – 3Br Rent-Stabilized Apartments

For More Information on the building & neighborhood,
click to see www.theashlandbk.com.

Do I qualify for middle income?

Please count all individuals who will be living with you at 530 West, including current roommates, children, parents, siblings, partner, or spouse.   DISCLAIMER: Households comprised solely of married or similarly committed couples are only eligible for 1 Bedroom units. Households comprised of roommates must meet definition of financial interdependence as defined by HDC.

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Household Income

Please total income from all sources of all household members over the age of 18. This includes wages, bonuses, tips, unemployment compensation, alimony, child support, pension benefits, Social Security benefits, recurring gifts, and public assistance.

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Asset Value

What is the total value of all of your assets?

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